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Videos on Frontier's work

Standing Tree to Standing Home Documentary

standing-tree-standing-home from frontiersfoundation on Vimeo.

A documentary by the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network on Frontiers Foundation Project Activity in Manitoba.

Project Amik

Project Amik from frontiersfoundation on Vimeo.

Project Amik is a housing project in Toronto geared towards aboriginal peoples.

Keep the Circle Strong: Bolivia

Keep the Circle Strong from frontiersfoundation on Vimeo.

Moccasin Flats

Sorry, the video is being re-uploaded

Moccasin Flats, the 16mm film documentary originally released in 1972, re-mastered for DVD in 2008, is about the Metis community, of that name, on the outskirts of Chetwynd, BC.Written and narrated by Patrick Watson. These families were up-rooted from their homes to make way for the Chetwynd Airport. Through the collective efforts of all levels of government, various Aboriginal organizations, these Metis families and their friends, a new subdivision was built for them on Wabi Crescent. This project signified a weather change in the government funding of off-reserve and Metis housing.Interviews with Aboriginal leader, Lawrence Gladue, and Frank Oberle, mayor of Chetwynd, BC, provide an in-depth perspective.