Dating after 50

Romance After Fifties: How To Do It?

Age is just a number. The fact that some people stop attending to the needs of their partner citing old age is pure rubbish. There are people who are in their nineties and madly in love -people who chose to be expressive rather than exclusive.

Eternal love comes with no expiration date. When your love is based on trust and comfort, it is hard for the age factor to kick in. In case you’ve been running out of ideas on how to keep the romance flowing, we have 5 tips that you should take a look at right now:

Date Nights Every Month:

It’s okay that you two have been together for a significant amount of time, but where does that imply that you both cannot enjoy date nights anymore? Many people believe that date nights are for the young and the restless, but there is hardly any truth to it. Elderly couples on their date nights are a delight to watch, and often set life goals for couples watching them.

Cherish Memories:

Walk down the memory lanes with your loved one sitting beside you. Recall moments when you both got really stupid and did something totally unexpected. You have spent a lifetime creating memories with your loved one, but what good are the memories if you don’t revisit them and smile? Make stupid excuses every time just to take out those photo albums which have kept the youth intact for both of you and go on an endless journey of words.


You have done enough for your children and their bright future with all the cash you had stashed. The remaining money is for living life, not witnessing other people living it. Take out your passports and hit the streets of some unknown land you guys had always thought of visiting. Living life to the fullest is important at this stage, for nearly one-third of the world is focused merely on survival. Witness the world as it changes, and keep your heart forever young.

Watch this video for a detailed discussion on the same topic:


Lovemaking is something that takes the maximum hit as age advances. Although many people blame their libido for their decreased sex drive, the real factor is boredom and procrastination that advances along with age. People tend to prioritize comfort over romance and this often leads to little or no action after a certain age is attained. There are a lot of over the counter drugs which boost sex drive. Talk with your doctor and get some prescribed for you to keep the love forever young! If nothing else works, book an appointement with and learn how to please a lady.

Get Their Name Tattooed:

This is a suggestion that comes on a personal level. Getting the name of your partner tattooed on your body signifies the position they occupy in your life. Priorities matter-showing off your dedication towards the eternal love you both share mutually can be the thing your partner might have been seeking subconsciously over the years. We suggest you to drop the plan in case you have a phobia for sharp objects or blood.

Always remember that only a handful of lucky people end up with the person they love after their fifties. If you have been blessed with that, consider yourself lucky. Do tell us in the comments section down below what holiday destination came in your mind upon reading the third point!

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