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Frontiers Foundation is no longer operating but this website remains as a witness to all the good work by many people; to all the good memories and relationships created over the many years. All done to the honour of the Great Spirit.

Kitcisakik, Quebec

on Sat, 11/12/2011 - 17:06



The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) has covered the work of Frontiers Foundation in Kitcisakik, Quebec.
The whole report can be viewed on their website at
The video is named 'Quebec First Nation Community beating the odds' and contains an interview with FF Regional Coordinator Lylas Polson.


Thank You!

on Wed, 11/02/2011 - 05:21

Frontiers Foundation would like to thank First Air for its continuing support for our Northwest Territories program. Its contributions have been key in enabling us to send our volunteers to northern communities in need.


2011 - Cards for Christmas

on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 00:25

As part of our fund-raising efforts, we are offering beautiful Christmas cards.
These cards come in two varieties, either with traditional Christmas greetings included or blank so that you can write your own message for the season. These cards are perfect to send to your loved ones and you can use them as an opportunity to upkeep your writing skills. The two available prints are as follows:
1. ‘Building a home for the spirit’ by Ojibwa artist Doug Fox.

2. ‘Aymara girl carrying peace swallows on earth’ by Bolivian artist Sylvia Peñaloza

You can order packages of 10 cards (25 x 16 cm) with envelopes for $20 plus $5 for shipping across Canada.
Download and fill out the order form from our web site by clicking on the 'Donate' and then the ‘Buy Merchandise’ tabs or by following this link /node/14
Then send it:
-by mail to the address of our main