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Frontiers Foundation is no longer operating but this website remains as a witness to all the good work by many people; to all the good memories and relationships created over the many years. All done to the honour of the Great Spirit.


Post date: Oct 3, 2012


The architects responsible for helping rebuild a Quebec First Nation have won the Governor General’s Medal for architecture.
Emergency Architects Canada is rebuilding the Anishinabe community of Kitcisakik located about 350 kilometres north of Montreal.
APTN National News visited the community last November and reporter Danielle Rochette offers a look back.


The video can be watched here:

Post date: Sep 14, 2012


Diamond Jubilee Medal


“For his work to engage Canadian and international youth in building and reclamation projects”.

This splendid award represents well deserved recognition not only for Charles’ near-fifty years of service with Frontiers Foundation / Operation Beaver but for all the partnering thousands who have dug, hammered, sweated, prayed, advocated and fundraised to make so much good news in housing, health, road construction, education, agriculture, reforestation and electrification happen.

On behalf of Frontiers Foundation, we congratulate Rev. Charles R. Catto, honorary Chief Wasauksing Ojibwa First Nation.

Lawrence Gladue, C.M. President
Marco A. Guzman, LLD, Executive Director
Roland Niganobe Operation Beaver Division

Post date: Sep 14, 2012



Warm greetings to you. I just came back from my country of origin where I have witnessed the lack of school furniture in several rural schools on the Bolivian high plateau.

Frontiers Foundation is now seeking donations to allow the villagers on Bolivia’s high plateau (Altiplano) to purchase lumber and manufacture hexagonal tables and smaller chairs (as shown above) for children attending the rural schools.

The cost of one hexagonal table and 6 chairs is US$100 and will greatly enhance the education of these children.

Please also forward this appeal to your friends who might be inclined to give their helping hand to Bolivia. There is a strong potential that monies raised through this campaign will be matched 3 to 1 by the Canadian International Development Agency.

Frontiers Foundation is a non-profit Aboriginal voluntary service organization that promotes well-being of economically and socially disadvantaged communities both in Canada and Overseas. In Bolivia, South America, the economic inequality has grown to levels not seen in the past. Our lead native partner is Voluntarios en Acción (VEA) led by Genara Conde Tumiri. VEA members in partnership with local Aymara communities would build the much needed school furniture.

Your generous donation designated for Bolivia will be faithfully applied, as it will be gratefully received. To donate make a cheque out to Frontiers Foundation and send to the address below or call the office on (416) 690 – 3930. We will provide a charitable tax receipt for all donations.

“Second Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples”

Marco A. Guzman, LL.D.
Executive Director
Frontiers Foundation
419 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto M4L 3B9

Post date: Jul 7, 2012

On Thursday June 29, our Annual Breakfast was a huge success with 120 attendees in the Flora McCrea Hall at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church. As usual our faithful Batchawana Bay friends Iolene and Olaf Bjornaa donated and cooked fresh pickerel and trout for everyone.

Tribal Vision Mohawk grass and shawl dancers Derek and Naomi Martin entertained us. Longtime Ojibwa elder and Frontiers Board member Shelley Charles led us in both Ojibwa and English prayer with song. Rev. Dr.Andrew Sterling delivered Grace, and Rev. Charles Catto introduced Guest of Honour and Speaker Frontiers President Lawrence Gladue, C.M.

Lawrence reminded the audience of the great start made in 1974 by Liberal Housing Minster Hon. Ron Basford in addressing the Aboriginal housing crisis. Having lost his own mother and sister in a Metis shack fire, Lawrence survived to play a key role in developing CMHC’s Rural and Native Housing program completing over 100,000 new homes until axed by the Mulroney Government in the mid-nineties, resulting in a return to Attawapiskat conditions nationwide.

On the bright side Lawrence reported our successful Standing Tree to Standing Home activity in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba, our expanding educational profile in NWT and the exciting funded plans for Project Amik II and III in Toronto under our New Frontiers Aboriginal Residential Corporation surrogate Board. Lawrence thanked everyone present for their faithful support which-given governance austerity-will be needed more than ever.

On behalf of Frontiers Foundation/Operation Beaver, Executive Director Marco A. Guzman extended the Operation Beaver volunteer of the year award to Paul van der Werff from New Zealand.

Before Shelley’s closing prayer Shahi Cuffy sang a thrilling rendition of “His Eye is on the Sparrow”.

Post date: May 31, 2012

Aboriginals in northern Canada build durable modern houses using local resources, thus the name of this video, Standing Tree to Standing Home. See charitable donations and government funding at work.