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Frontiers Foundation is no longer operating but this website remains as a witness to all the good work by many people; to all the good memories and relationships created over the many years. All done to the honour of the Great Spirit.

How to volunteer for Operation Beaver

Operation Beaver works in partnership with communities and volunteers to improve housing conditions and education. Most of the education projects involve volunteers working in schools in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon, assisting the students in many different ways. Housing construction and renovation take place across Canada.

Education volunteers:

  • Work in schools as teaching assistants and tutors, primarily in math, science and English, from grades four through twelve, and adult education.
  • Assist in both local and school library staffing.
  • Teach music and drama and help to stage theatre productions.
  • Assist in teaching public speaking, radio and television production communication for grades seven through twelve.
  • Teach basic skills in technical areas such as small engine repair, woodworking and carpentry and/or construction.
  • Work in student residences assisting the "house parents" in the day-to-day operation of the residence. This would include preparing meals, helping with social and recreational activities, and being prepared to do a wide variety of tasks.
  • Also help in many other capacities including computer instruction, art, music, sports and recreation, and in many other capacities depending on the skills and training of the volunteers and the needs of the school.

Housing construction volunteers work in: the construction or repair of homes for low-income families. All of construction projects are in the north of Canada with about half of the communities being above the Arctic Circle.


  • Candidates should be at least 18 years of age.
  • Volunteers should be energetic and outgoing with a desire to get involved in community life and learn about a unique way of life.
  • Volunteers should want to get involved with people and really experience life in the far north of Canada. People who will leave an impression on a community by their outgoing nature and desire to meet people will do best on our programme.
  • While we consider all applications, Frontiers prefers people who have relevant experience. For the education positions, it is beneficial to have experience in teaching or tutoring.
  • For the construction projects, Frontiers is looking for volunteers with experience in one of the construction or related trades (carpentry, masonry, plumbing, engineering, architecture, drafting, and so on).
  • It is beneficial to have previous volunteer work experience, in any area, either in Canada or in other countries.

Frontiers Foundation will provide:

  • A living allowance of $50.00 a week to volunteers.
  • Medical insurance for all volunteers by Frontiers Foundation.
  • All of the volunteer's travel costs within Canada.
  • All of the food and living expenses while on the project.
  • Winter clothing that is adequate for a northern Canadian winter where temperatures could fall to minus forty degrees celsius or colder.

Time frame for volunteer positions:

  • Education volunteers: There is a ten month commitment for an educational volunteer position. This commitment would be from the beginning of September through to the end of June.
  • Housing construction volunteers: There is a minimum three-month commitment for volunteers on the housing construction/renovation program. Volunteers can start at the beginning of June, July or August.

Application Checklist:

Use this checklist to ensure that your application will be processed as quickly as possible (the checklist is included in the application forms for reference). Missing items may cause delays. Be certain that all the forms are returned to us at least three months before your desired starting date. The application form, resume and recommendation forms can be emailed to with the subject line as: "Re: Education Volunteer Application" or "Re: Construction Volunteer Application", and the Application Fee and Statement of Volunteer Responsibility can be mailed to the Frontiers Foundation office.

  • Volunteer Application Form (Word doc, 41kb)
  • Three Recommendation Forms (Word doc, 40kb) from each of: a teacher or employer; a friend of your own age; and a person older than yourself, other than a close family member.
  • Signed Statement of Volunteer Responsibility.
  • Application Fee: $50 CDN, payable with an International Money Order or with a cheque drawn on a Canadian Bank account