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Frontiers Foundation is no longer operating but this website remains as a witness to all the good work by many people; to all the good memories and relationships created over the many years. All done to the honour of the Great Spirit.


For the past 28 years, Frontiers Foundation has been involved in a partnership with VEA (Voluntarios en Accion), a Bolivian Native non-governmental organization. Together, the two organizations have been attempting to improve the education of children in rural schools on the high plateau of Bolivia. By working with overseas volunteers, as well as local communities, VEA has constructed two-seater school desks for the schools. In addition, a carpentry-training program was conducted to allow people from various rural communities to learn carpentry skills and thus become more independent.



Desks in Bolivian School

The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service selected VEA's school desk project as one of the best international volunteer projects. United Nations Secretary General Kofi A. Annan congratulated VEA for its excellent work by saying that "Your altruistic efforts and dedication to promoting sustainable community development in Bolivia have benefited more than 10,000 school children and is both needed and deeply appreciated."

VEA has published several editions of Condor Voice, a newspaper dedicated to the promotion of the "dreams, culture and priority needs of the high plateau people". It is published in both Aymara and in Spanish.



Chacalleta traditional authorities, VEA director, Marco



Bolivian carpentry shop

Keep the Circle Strong Video

Keep the Circle Strong from frontiersfoundation on Vimeo.