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Frontiers Foundation is no longer operating but this website remains as a witness to all the good work by many people; to all the good memories and relationships created over the many years. All done to the honour of the Great Spirit.



In 1964, the Operation Beaver Program began as an ecumenical work camp, sponsored by the Canadian Council of Churches. In 1968, Frontiers Foundation was incorporated as a federally chartered nonprofit charitable organization and assumed the responsibilities for the administration and delivery of the Operation Beaver Program across Canada, and since 1969, Overseas. Henceforth, Frontiers Foundation, now a non-denominational organization, has been evolving and expanding the scope of its operation and service.


  • We are a voluntary service program that is supported by Canadians and around the world who interested in helping people learn how to help themselves.
  • We work in partnership with host communities in Canada on community-based development projects, such as building and renovating homes, and organizing activities for youth at recreational or educational centers.
  • We facilitate cultural and experiential learning through contact between volunteers and members of the host communities.
  • We devise contractual agreements outlining responsibilities with the various groups involved in our projects. By taking this pro-active role our projects can be realized in an organized, efficient, and harmonious environment.
  • We receive financial assistance through the generosity of individuals, groups, churches, service clubs, corporations, and government bodies.
  • We evolve as an organization regionally and nationally, via volunteer office management and program development.


  • To contribute to poverty reduction by supporting to development projects that have significant and enduring impacts.
  • To promote cross-cultural communication and awareness.
  • To meet the needs and goals identified by the host communities.
  • To create projects that are appropriate for the community by ensuring that its members take an active role in the planning and implementation of each project.